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The prices of the icons are given by dimensions and imply the use of real 23.75 carat gold. They can vary from icon to icon, depending on how much of the icon is gilded, whether the whole background is gilded or just the halo, and if you wish, the icon does not have to be gilded.

Icons are painted on linden or cherry wood, the traditional Byzantine technique of egg tempera.

The icons were made with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church and can be gilded or not, and the board can have a woodcut of your choice.

We can always agree on all the details so that everyone can easily get a painted icon.

The prices of the icons with gold leafs are:

20 x 30 cm – 150€ (100e without gold leaf)

30 x 40 cm – 250€ ( 200e without gold leaf)

35 x 45 cm – 300€ ( 250e without gold leaf)

40 x 50 cm – 400€ ( 350e without gold leaf)

50 x 70 cm – 500€ ( 450e without gold leaf)

50 x 100 cm – 1000€ ( 950e without gold leaf)

Тhese prices may vary. The price is higher if the icon is more complicated to paint; if there are several figures or if it is a painting of the Church Holidays.